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The 3 Things Top Wedding Photographers Will Do For You


Choosing a wedding photographer is so much like choosing a partner. You need to work with someone who gets you, someone who's style you love and someone who knows the techniques needed to get the best photographs, especially since you are hiring this person to document one of the most important events of your life. 

What exactly makes a great photographer different from the average shutterbug? Here are the top 3 things that you can expect a top wedding photographer to do for you. 

Give you clear expectations 

Today's best photographers got to where they are by being consistent with their output and their relationships with their clients. This includes setting expectations and delivering results according to these expectations. 

Top photographers will eliminate any form of guesswork on your part by telling clients what they can expect in terms of photography, style, date of submission of photo proofs and albums, how the shoot will be done, and how they can expect the photographer to behave. 

This way, they avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding that could lead to dissatisfaction on the part of the client. 

Direct you to highlight your best features 


Fine art wedding photographers study a person's face, what angles make a bride look most attractive and what movements highlight the most attractive features of the groom. 

Your photographer will give you the direction you need so you can move and pose in ways that highlight the best parts of your face or body. 

He also knows what movements and what poses make a person look tense, awkward, or just plain unattractive, so he knows what poses to avoid. 

Make you comfortable in your own skin


Top photographers know how to work their subjects. The best photographers know how to capture the most beautiful, candid moments by creating a mood and atmosphere where the couple can feel intimately comfortable with each other. 

This skill of disappearing behind the camera to let the couple do their thing is one talent that every photographer has, and one that becomes even better with practice and experience. 

Expert photographers know how to use small talk, the environment, and even the other person in the photo to create a comfortable atmosphere that makes beautiful photos possible. The end result is graceful wedding photography. 

Of course, developing a good rapport with the couple is a crucial element to creating an environment that is conducive for beautiful and emotion-filled shots. This is the reason why it is important for couples to choose a photographer who they can feel comfortable with. 

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